Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Say "Hello" dang it!!

Here in the South we are having rainy afternoons.  I get a little drowsy and my hair is unmentionable, except when I get greeted with, “what the heck happened to you??”   Yes, the hair is a disaster, but thankfully that is no reflection of the rest of me that managed to dress herself and apply make-up and coordinate with matching ear rings.  I also applied my favorite gift ever- LIP GLOSS, from the incredibly optimistic words of that red headed mop head of an orphan, Annie-“you are never fully dressed without a smile.” 

Ok, Ok, don’t walk away just yet, I know you don’t give a flip about the weather report, I have some gossip… 

Here is what you missed; as all good plans go- they were flushed down the toilet.  I had amazing plans for the weekend, which is unusual for me and I was ready.  Did I say ready?

 I meant I was R- E-A-D-Y!!!!

I shopped.  I got a new outfit.  I bought snacks and beverages.  And a really good book for the lows of the weekend, not that the company I had plans with needed to be ignored, but silent reading on a beach was in the plans.  I picked “The History of Love,” by Nicole Krauss.  I can’t review it because I haven’t started reading it yet.  It’s Tuesday and I need to ravish it this week before it needs to be returned to the library.  So yes, I have that planned.  It’s 252 pages are worth reading.  If you know anything about me, I pick a book by the first sentence, “When they write my obituary;” and the last sentence, “She tapped me twice.”     The main character didn’t die and that is good enough reason for me to read it.   Perhaps I will review it, but don’t count on it.  Read it yourself. That’s my review.

Back to it, my solitude has been broken by people stopping in at the cottage.  I don’t mind. I keep a semi-orderly house and I do notice the stalkers that drive by.  If that’s you, I’ve seen you.  Anyway, I got a little visit by a friend who invited me out.  I like hanging out with this girly girl because she amuses me.  I adore her, she is also a stalker.  In her phone she has an album of the guys she crushes on so when she begins to talk about them, she flashes me photos.  Guys have no shame, from the photos I saw way more skin than I would have if I went to the beach. 

I have a habit of saying yes to things I should say no to, but for the sake of friendship, I say yes.  We went out to hear a local band and that was cool for a while, but we were easily bored and when she got the text, “Come to the Honky Tonk.”  That would be the #1 Honky Tonk in South Alabama.  There is a banner on the wall stating it so.  I, of course did not agree full hearted, I needed to know the band playing.  It turned out to be a band that I know and so I agreed.  I thought I might know more peeps there since she was going to meet a guy, and I could hang with them.  

We go.  We see.  We drink.  for hours...

I DON’T KNOW ANYONE IN THE HONKY TONK, except my girlfriend and she was huddled up with what's his name, I didn't even find out...

This is becoming a trend with me.  It is not long before I meet some people.  I met local radio host, car salesmen from the “Do it” commercials, my co-workers neighbor, some of my face book “friends” who claimed they know me – Also stalkers now on check…

I also learned you should never greet someone with, “ah, you have a reputation…” people will start interrogating you about what you might or might not know and it can get really awkward. 

Full disclosure, I did know one person in the whole place.  I grew up with him and I sat in view of him and he could have recognized me, but he didn’t.  After about three hours of him not talking to me, I sent him a text, “hey, I didn’t know cowboys wore visors.” He had been fishing in the Gulf all day and was still in his fishing attire.  No one bothers to put on fresh clean clothes apparently to come to the honky tonk.  I should have came out in my pajamas. Why do girls even bother, when guys dont?????

 It was fun watching him look around.  Finally I gave in and walked over to him.  He was shocked and said he had no idea it was me.  I took that as a compliment.   Also it was a total let down to the evening.  I could have set the night on a course that had no return!  I could have line danced! I could have inappropriately groped members of the opposite sex!  I could have done shots!  I could have known every person in that dang Honky Tonk and owned the place before I left!!  

But alas, none of that happened. I socialized with strangers,  I had a few draft beers and basically sat there looking, “Hot!!” his words, not mine.   If I had never talked to him, I could have stroke the match that burned the place down and the night would have been legendary. 

As we caught up with “you alright?”, “Yes, you?”  He kept talking, and because of the loud music he had to speak into my ear, his words took me someplace else, he said the words, “I still hear his laugh; I remember the way he moved; I see his smile.”  He was remembering my brother. 
I was the one who was set on fire. I shed a few tears. I thought my weekend was a bust, but just when I thought I was solitary, I was reminded I’m part of the whole.  No one walks alone, and if they do, it’s only for a short while.  Friends have a way of loving you like no one else.  Cherish your friends, cherish your memories, and laugh about the good times. 

I know you wanted some juicy gossip, but I’m not sharing all my secrets….And if you see me out, and are not sure its me, say, " hello" anyway.  It might be me or someone just as interesting. 

Sending you some Love, happiness and contentment. 
-      X O X O X O 
-        -Daily Panic


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