Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How to get away with...

How to get away with anything if it has to do with love

One of my favorite things to say is, “JUST LOVE ME!!” 

I use it in my defense of all things that make my boyfriend crazy.  He has a habit of ignoring me, and in response to that, I repeat things until he loses it and when the steam is boiling out of his eyes and he is clearly agitated, I throw out, “Just love me!!”  I say those words every time is gets angry with me, like when I give him directions, or tell him which parking place to park in, or how to do something he clearly knows how to do. 

He has his own saying, “Who is screwing this football?”  I have no idea what that means.  It is complete gibberish to me. Must be some kind of man speak; no one has translated for me.

As a couple we have developed this way of communication, that to other people that overhear our banter, we come across as jerks, but in reality, it is a sentimental way of telling the other person to cool it. We both understand it and to all the things that frustrate us, our words cause us to pause and laugh at ourselves. 

Me- “Take out the trash.  Take out the trash. Take out the trash.”
Him- “I’m taking out the trash.”
Me- “Did you get the drink cartons and the trash from the bathroom?” 
Him- “Who is screwing this football?”

Him-“The speed limit is 50.  You are going 70.”
Me-“Are you talking about this gauge (RPM) that shows 20 or that gauge (Speedometer)?” 
I know which gauge. 
Him-“WHAT??  That gauge!!!  How long have you been driving???”  He is wildly waving his hand over the gauges and screaming at the same time. 
Me- “ I’m driving and paying attention to the road, you can’t expect me to pay attention to those gauges too.”  
Him- “I will drive, pull over.”
Me- “Just love me!!!”
 I continue driving until we get to our destination.   

See how it works? Spread a little love today and do as I do, demand it!! 

JUST  L.O. V. E.  ME!!!  

Happy Wed Nes Day! 
- DP 

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