Thursday, August 15, 2013

the L's

 I see my neighbor SG all the time, but mostly in passing.  I have known him since my divorce. SG has it going on.  Proper fit, works out, good engineering job, and attractive.  He has a mighty big scar from his divorce too. He was always cool to hang out with.   When he walked in the bar where I was with my friends, he got jumped by every attractive blonde barbie in the room.  He saw me and I think when he blew them off to come chat me up, some hearts broke. Poor dears, that does not happen to them everyday, but I know their plastic filled chests will recover fast.    Any whooo, SG and I established our friendship in between relationships and his apartment faced the street and our schedules allowed us to see each other often.  He works night shift, so when he came home from work, I would be on my way to work.  And so it was when we had dates and such, he would be smoking on his balcony when I came home late on his days off and invite me up.  He would cook me food if had been out drinking.  I liked him being on his balcony because I could bow out of inviting someone to my apartment by saying he was my boyfriend and it would be awkward. His presence on the balcony made me feel safe. SG is a super nice guy.

He and I were having a conversation and I asked why I still see him alone.  He said its his schedule mainly and he can meet girls anytime.  He said usually meeting women out, turns him off because he knows people who are out the hours he is awake, are there to either get laid or despreate to fall in love.  What??  FALL IN LOVE???   Really SG?? Really?   He laughed and asked would I turn either down?  That made me blush a little,  I agreed. The fab thing about going out where I grew up, is I am not bound by either of the L's I can go out casually and already know the people who are known to get laid (and I avoid them- there is danger in those waters) and I already know if I love the people I am around.  

I like SG and he was open to letting me set him up on a blind date.  From the looks of the bad bleach haired Barbies that hung on to him like monkeys on a tree, he knows how to handle crazy.  He might even fall in love, but I'll let him tell me when he finds it.

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