Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Things that make you say, "huh???"

Fatal, adjective: causing death, leading to failure or disaster.

Glimmer, verb: shine faintly with a wavering light; noun: a faint or wavering light, a faint sign of a feeling or quality, especially a desirable one.

Impartial, adjective: treating all rivals or disputants equally; fair and just.

Things that make you say, "huh???"

I don’t know if any of you are fans of the Sherlock series on PBS.  I DVR the episodes if I'm not home. Watching the show is one of my Sunday evening pleasures.  I admit I am no good at solving the mystery, so I hang on to every word until the very end.  Sometimes I wish I had the concentration of Sherlock and his ability to see the whole picture.   I know this trait would help my writing tremendously, so alas, I make up stuff on the fly and hope at some point it will make sense.

 I live where there is not much going on as far as drama, unless you count the local scandal of the private lives of commissioners, or the public listing of small claims court. Not too much mystery in my life. 

One night I did hear shots fired one night aproximately around 11 pm. We had just laid down in bed.  When I heard the shots, I was confused, because I had not heard shots fired outside of target practice (which is a common everyday sound in the South) or a bird hunt, so I did not immediately place the sound with the action.

“Was that…?”   
  “yeah, it was.” 

 And I was so impartial when I didn’t hear police sirens, I drifted off to carefree dreamland without the fear of danger.  

The next day I read in the paper it was a drive by shooting.  The shots were unloaded by a teen trying to be gangster.  The six shots were not fatal.  One bullet hit one person’s forearm and another hit someone in the leg, and all other shots from the clip landed randomly around the direction the gun was pointed.  No police came, because apparently the whole neighborhood had the same attitude as I did, and didn’t dial 911.  The truth came to light when said shot persons came in to an ER about 5 am. The next morning, and the police made the report from there.  I guess the teens were in so much pain and freak out mode, they couldn’t stay in hiding. Now, each night before closing my eyes, I make sure I have the police dispatch on speed dial.

My advice to thugs, who want to avoid hospital visits, if I had any platform to speak to any, would be to get involved in some survivalist training. I’ve been around some United States Marines who told me stories of how they pulled various impaled objects from their own body parts and those of their friends, stitched them up and lived to show the scars.  Or they should befriend someone with medical experience. In the movies (which is believed by believers) most people go to see a veterinarian outside of normal office hours to avoid the watchful eyes of hospital security. Of course this is not practical advice to anyone with a wound, and who am I to give advice. I've only had to remove the occasional bee stinger or splinter from myself or others.  Oh wait, I did have to release a nail and a sewing needle from my bare foot, but not in the same incident.  

The last mystery I had to solve was a loud crash in my home.  I had just let the dogs outside for the evening and I heard a loud crash.  I knew it wasn’t the canines, so I investigated.  I looked in every room.  The laundry room, where I hate to admit is where things get stacked at random, nothing was out of the ordinary.  Nothing out of place in the bedrooms or living room.  I was perplexed.  I didn’t have any glimmer of a clue about what made the sound was or what it could have been.  It was not until the following evening, the mystery was solved.  I went to take a dish from the cabinet, and a tower of dishes were on their way to say hello to my face!  I caught the plates just in time! The shelf bracket holding the shelf broke and the shelf wedged itself within the cupboard and the dishes came to rest against the cabinet door.  It was nothing short of good old fashioned luck!  No dishes were broke and no harm done.  Easy fix to replace the shelf bracket.

I know my life is in the slow lane, but I have a feeling that in the near future, I’m going to have a floodgate of things to write about. How?  When? Why?  There are three good mysteries right there.

Thank for reading my notes for 3WW and stopping by.

Anxiously awaiting the new season of Sherlock! I love a good mystery!  

-     -   DP